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With Your Own Professional Dog Trainer


Does your dog jump on guests and embarrass you?

Does he frustrate you and pull on the leash?

Or do you just want to start off right with your new dog?

I can help.  You see, I’ve been in your shoes. Before I became a professional dog trainer I had a dog who was really bad. So bad in fact that he ate my taxes. Try explaining THAT to the IRS!

Take a look at my video to hear my story. It’s really amazing how far my dog “Jake” came. What’s even more amazing is how much I learned from him.

What most dog trainers don’t tell you is that there are countless ways to train a dog . Each book you read about training a puppy gives different advice. Some will tell you how training a dog with treats is the only way. Another condemns treats. And every one of them believes that their way is the ONLY way.

Look. There is no “right way vs wrong way”.

The differences between dog training techniques are just semantics. Any dog trainer worth their weight should be able to use any tool, any technique, and get results. Just like people, dogs are individuals and have different personality traits. For some dogs and owners one piece of equipment or one technique is going to serve that individual dog and owner better.

What there are are fundamental ways that you relate with your dog, learn to communicate with your dog, and therefore train your dog. Dogs have a different psychology than we do. Where we run into problems is when we use HUMAN psychology on another species!

So, how do you train a puppy? How do you train your dog?
Well, it all starts with you.

Here on my site you’ll learn how to start interacting with your dog in a way that allows them to understand you better. Sure, I’ll teach you how to stop your dog from jumping; how to stop your dog from running away. All that stuff. And I promise to cover many different training tools and methodologies. But more than that you’ll learn how to give your dogs what they need vs what we THINK they need in order for them to become great pets. And you’ll even learn how to get your whole family involved with training your dog.

So, take a look around, keep checking back for new articles, connect with me on social media, and please feel free to contact me if I can help in any way. I’m a real person here – A real life dog trainer.


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